Acne Treatment Serum In Pakistan



Acne Treatment Serum In Pakistan

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Acne Treatment Serum Works:

Acne Treatment Serum In Pakistan. Acne can be annoying, the treatment should be simple. Our clinically tested salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid blend will help remove dead cells and reduce redness and swelling on the skin which will decrease the number of pimples formed and speed up healing. This will clear up pores of dead skin cells, oil, and blackheads as well.

Direction to Use:

Wash your face gently and pat dry with a towel.
Take a pea-sized amount and gently rub the serum into your skin with your fingertips (In case of sensitive skin, try mixing the serum with a carrier oil or any cream)
Gently massage in circular motions until its completely absorbed.


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