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Moisturizing, Anti Wrinkle, and Anti Aging Face Skin Care 15ml.
White Rice White Serum For Face Moisturizer Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Ageing Face Fine Lines Acne Treatment Skin Care Serum 15ml
White Rice Serum work as Primer as well it moisturizes your skin and gives you a Glowing effect
Made from 100% natural rice extract.
With a natural and moisturizing formula that helps replenish moisture
Suitable for all types of Skin
100% Original White Rice Serum for Face
Best For Acne

White rice face serum/primer is compatible to use for all types of skins. White rice serum15ml pack is also called anti-aging or skin face serum which enhances your skin cells and brings them to together which ultimately make your old skin look younger and wrinkle free. White rice serum for men and women has no side effects, white rice serum 15ml is easy to use, and it should not be rubbed harshly. Apply white rice serum for girls and boys gently with soft hands and the amount suggested by your beautician or as mentioned above 2-3 drops. White rice face Serum is a refined and produced with advanced technology to get most out of your skin, face is the first impression of a person. White rice Serum for face anti-aging face serum provides the required amount of moisture for your rough and loose skin to nourish it and to enhance skin tone of the face which is initial after skin enhancing.

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